Coffee Capsules

Good Tastes Better

Coffee capsules made from Ingeo solve the food waste problem, which has been a major issue in the single serve coffee industry. Capsules and pods made from Ingeo are 100% compostable and provide the same brewing experience, maintaining balanced taste and aromas your consumers expect from your coffee.

Core Benefits for Coffee Capsules Made From Ingeo

Versatility in Design
Ingeo can be formed into capsule lids, filters, and the pod/capsule. This flexibility makes it compatible across several single serve machines and systems.

Better Taste through Consistent, Accurate Extraction
Years of performance testing demonstrates optimized pressure in brewing with Ingeo capsules for a balanced brewing experience.

Coffee Crafted Consciously
100% Compostable solution for the easier recovery of organic material and simple disposal for the consumer

A Better Cup Brewed In from the Beginning
From capsule design to the beverage experience to disposal, we have proven performance over other compostable solutions and petrochemical alternatives

Versatility in Design

  • Capsules, lids, and filters made from Ingeo can be formed to suit several different single-serve coffee platforms
  • Ingeo can be used in coffee pod formats to provide a perfect, reliable seal and secondary packaging
  • Coffee capsules and components made from Ingeo are 100% compostable

Better Taste Through Consistent, Accurate Extraction

  • Extensive testing shows optimized pressure and extraction to brew the perfect cup, every time.
  • Coffee freshness within capsule maintains for 12 months
  • Consistent brewing experience, capsule-to-capsule
  • Eco-profile

Coffee Crafted Consciously

  • Capsules and components made from Ingeo are 100% compostable
  • TUV, BPI and USDA Certified Compostable
  • ISCC Plus Certified
  • Reduces the lost food waste from recycling programs
  • Simplified disposal for your customer
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Statistic and certifications

A Better Cup Brewed In From the Beginning

  • We support a Better Cup from every step of the supply chain
  • Eliminates the use of other polymers associated with migration issues
  • Reliable shelf life of 12 months+ with no ageing effects 
  • Balanced taste and aromas for a consistent brewing experience

Single Serve Coffee Background

Single serve coffee capsules and pods have changed how people worldwide brew their coffee every day. With their simple, easy machines and directions, coffee consumers across the globe have adopted Keurig*, Nespresso*, Lavazza,* and other single-serve systems in their homes. For the consumer, it offers vast varieties in coffee flavors, coffee roasts, and specialty blends of coffee drinks, providing the barista experience right at their kitchen table. However, with the growth in this method of at-home coffee brewing, a question arise on how to avoid capsules ending up in landfills. The conventional plastics used in many of these coffee capsule and coffee pod designs make for an impractical solution for composting organic material within the capsule or recycling the container once it is spent. With over 10 billion coffee pods sold just last year, this is massive amount of plastic and metal to be ending up in landfill, along with the wasted organic matter that could be put back into the earth. At NatureWorks, we are driving the chance for change in the coffee capsules market. With coffee capsules and pods made from Ingeo, we are not only providing a compostable end of life solution, we are harnessing our 30+ years of experience to bring you the same taste, aroma, and shelf life compared to the plastics alternatives currently on the market. To learn more about how Ingeo is made and how it is composted, please visit our resources below. We are always available for specific questions and welcome inquiries on our Contact Us page.

*the brands Keurig®, Lavazza®, and Nespresso® are not connected in any way to NatureWorks. We do not speak on behalf of these brands. 

Industrial Compost Field Study

NatureWorks, Flo, and the Italian Composting and Biogas Association (CIC) teamed up to conduct a composting field trial with Ingeo™-based GEA coffee capsules in an industrial composting facility over an 83-day time period.

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