Ingeo News: Volume 14, Issue 6

October 2019

Flo Presents Gea Calix: A Nespresso Compatible Capsule with up to 100% Biobased Content, Compostable with Food Waste

gea capsules

Developed with NatureWorks, the new GEA compostable capsules are designed for accurate, consistent brewing that exceeds current compostable solutions and creates a superior taste and aroma experience for consumers.

Flo SpA is proud to introduce three new capsule formats in the GEA family that are industrially compostable, biobased, and able to provide a brewing experience that is expected of the most popular capsules on the market.

Building on the success and adoption of the GEA compostable capsule for the A Modo Mio system, Flo and NatureWorks partnered again to develop the new GEA capsules suitable for Nespresso, Lavazza Blu, and Keurig. The new capsules were unveiled at the HOST 2019 show. Read the full release.

3D Printed Bolus vs. Standard Vinyl Gel Sheet Bolus for Radiation Therapy

A new case study from Adaptiiv and Nova Scotia Health Authority tests a 3D printed bolus versus a standard vinyl gel sheet bolus in postmastectomy chest wall radiation therapy. The study demonstrates how the 3D printed bolus improves fit and reduces patient setup times as compared with the vinyl gel sheet bolus. All of the 3D printed boluses in this study were printed using fused filament fabrication of Ingeo filament because it is non-toxic, easy to clean during treatment, and faster to print when compared to other materials. Read the case study.

Green Sports and Zero Waste Team Up

zero waste stadiums
October 6th was Green Sports Alliance's annual #GreenSportsDay. The day celebrates individual commitments to advancing the sports greening movement through sustainability initiatives. At NatureWorks, we showed our commitment to helping venues and sports teams by enabling food waste diversion and zero waste programs through the use of compostable Ingeo-based serviceware. Read up on the case studies we've completed at multiple stadiums in the US and London: Read case studies.



Milliwave Silicon Solutions uses 3D printed Ingeo biomaterials in Millibox™. The Millibox, made by MSS, is a 2-axis 360° mm-wave radiation pattern test chamber with 3D printed parts used for the joints of the boxes as well as the gimbal inside. Jean-Marc Laurent, the Millibox's inventor, saw importance in using a filament that is more environmentally friendly and could still perform like ABS.

Through a partnership with 3D-Fuel, MMS builds their Millibox systems with an Ingeo-based filament that allows the box to be nimble and modular, yet sturdy. Look for an upcoming case study for more information on this intriguing partnership.

Stylish Applications from Flo & Caracol Design Studio Partnership
Recently, Flo extended their dedication to the circular economy projects by partnering the advanced additive manufacturing company, Caracol Design Studio, to make use of Ingeo-based trim scrap left over from the production of GEA capsules. The result is a 3D printed exhibition stand and the built-in “3D Bar” that was first displayed during Salone del Mobile in Milan and show again at the recent HOST exhibition in Milan. 

The 3D Bar is printed directly from plastic flakes with Caracol’s custom anthropomorphic robotic system and demonstrates how post-industrial waste materials can be recycled into elegant, new applications. Read more about Caracol's 3D printed bar here.



12th Annual EFIB 2019 | September 30 - October 2 | Brussels, Belgium

NatureWorks CEO Rich Altice took the stage for the CEO Panel: How Does Industrial Biotechnology Contribute to Establishing a Healthy, Sustainable Planet? at this year's European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy Conference. 
NatureWorks' Sustainability Manager, Erwin Vink addressed the room on sustainable feedstock sourcing and our ISCC PLUS certification on the panel, The Future of Plastics - How to Establish Innovative & Sustainable Solutions. 

SPC Advance | October 7 -9 | Denver, CO

NatureWorks' Circular Economy Manager, Tim Goodman, joined the panel, Do's and Don'ts of Labeling Your Compostable Packaging for a very lively and informative session at SPC Advance.


Sustainable Cosmetics Summit
November 4 - 6 | Paris, France
NatureWorks' Global Industry Manager, Koen Bastiaens, will speak at this event. 

Sustainability in Packaging Europe
November 12-14  | Barcelona, Spain
NatureWorks' Senior Sustainability Manager, Erwin Vink, to present, "Ingeo Biopolymers, polymers that fit in a true, biobased, circular economy."

November 19-22 | Messe Düsseldorf, Germany
NatureWorks' Dan Sawyer will present "Industrial Use of Greenhouse Gas Based Feedstocks in Fused Filament Additive Manufacturing with PLA" on Thursday, Nov. 21st. 

We're Growing!

Join a fast-growing, ever-evolving team of professionals in one of the top 10 growing technologies of 2019. Join NatureWorks!

Available Job Opportunities:

HR Coordinator | Minnetonka, MN
The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for supporting the HR function in order to support our employees through identifying and hiring the people we need; engaging the people we have; and building a culture that defines and differentiates NatureWorks. 

Process Control Engineer | Blair, NE
This Senior Process Control Engineer is responsible for managing the automation resources at the organization’s manufacturing facilities.  This role supports day-to-day production as well as project work.  In this capacity, the Senior Process Control Engineer works with operations, project engineers, maintenance & reliability, research & development, and supply chain functions to ensure the automation systems safely & consistently meet the needs of these clients. 

Applied Mathematician | Minnetonka, MN
The Applied Mathematician is responsible for gathering and translating fundamental physical, chemical, and engineering knowledge into useful mathematical models, deterministic or stochastic, including their execution (computation), to shape and/or evaluate new product and/or application concepts within given boundary conditions.

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