Press Releases 2011

Dec 15, 2011

NatureWorks and Ingeo Brands Partner with Climate Action to Highlight Carbon Footprint Reduction Initiatives at UN COP17

Key decision makers in attendance and engaging discussions make Climate Action networking reception at COP17 in Durban, South Africa, a great success
Oct 19, 2011

NatureWorks Receives The Foundation For Social Change’s 2011 Leader of Change Award

Producer of Ingeo™, materials made from plants not oil, recognized for sustainable vision and innovations
Oct 12, 2011

NatureWorks attracts $150 million equity investment from leading Thailand company PTT Chemical

Thailand preferred location for next state-of-the-art Ingeo™ manufacturing facility
Oct 12, 2011

ネイチャーワークス社、タイの大手企業 PTT ケミカルより 1 億 5 千万ドルの株式投資を受ける

最先端の次期 Ingeo™ 製造拠点はタイに建設される見通し
Oct 06, 2011

NatureWorks, maker of Ingeo, partners with Climate Action for the 2011 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP17

NatureWorks has formed a new partnership with Climate Action for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference – the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) in Durban, South Africa, Nov. 28-Dec., 9, 2011.
Sep 28, 2011

Global companies to collaborate and share successful applications of Ingeo-based products at Innovation Takes Root 2012

Conference to serve as Biopolymers Forum for the Global Ingeo™ Community
Sep 27, 2011

世界的企業が Innovation Takes Root 2012 カンファレンスに集合、インジオ製品の成功事例を発表

Aug 10, 2011

Ingeo Earth Month Closes with 2011 Leader of Change Nomination from the Foundation for Social Change and United Nations Office for Partnerships

The month-long celebration of Ingeo, a plastic made from renewable plant material, not oil, stretched across three continents and involved thousands of people with innovative and sustainable consumer products through the traveling Ingeo Innovation Gallery.
Jul 12, 2011

NatureWorks사(社)의 매년 재생산 가능한 원료로 만든 화학 중간체 더 다양해져

전세계 최초로 순도 높은, 폴리머 그레이드 Ingeo™ 메소-락타이드를 대량 생산함. 샘플은 2012년에 가능하고 본격적 생산은 2013년부터 예정
Jul 12, 2011

NatureWorks사는 새로운 고성능 Ingeo 수지와 락타이드를 2013년에 선보일 예정

NatureWorks LLC사는 오늘 공식적인 발표를 통해서 네브라스카 블레어에 있는 생산시설에서 새로운 고성능 Ingeo™ 바이오폴리머 수지와 차세대 락타이드 중간체 생산을 위한 대규모 투자를 실시한다고 밝혔다.
Jul 07, 2011


高純度、ポリマーグレードのIngeo™メソラクチドを世界で初めて商業的生産量で供給 2012にサンプル、2013年に商業的生産量を供給
Jul 07, 2011

ネイチャーワークス社、2013年に新しい ハイパフォーマンスIngeo(インジオ)レジンおよびラクチドを提供

Jul 06, 2011


公司为首家商业化提供高纯度,聚合级Ingeo™内消旋丙交酯的企业 样品将于2012年推出,并于2013年正式商业化销售
Jul 06, 2011


Jul 06, 2011

NatureWorks Broadens its Range of Chemical Intermediates Based on Renewable Feedstocks

Company is the first to offer high-purity, polymer-grade Ingeo™ meso-lactide in commercial quantities. Samples available in 2012 and commercial quantities in 2013.
Jul 06, 2011

NatureWorks Will Offer New High-Performance Ingeo Resins and Lactides in 2013

This new high performance Ingeo formulation offers the ease of 3D printing associated with PLA filament to create industrial tools and jigs for manufacturing, electronics, toys, prototyping, and more.
May 25, 2011

Danone launches sustainable Ingeo Activia yogurt cup in the German market

Intelligent technological design for a smart consumer product that is now also better for the environment.
May 05, 2011


Apr 28, 2011

Cologne Carnival serves up one million Ingeo bioplastic-based BioWare drink cups

Organizers of the Cologne Carnival, one of the oldest street carnivals in Europe, focused both on safety by eliminating glass cold-drink cups and being kinder to the environment by using Huhtamaki BioWare® plastic drinking cups, made from Ingeo™ bioplastic, which comes from plants, not oil.
Apr 21, 2011

Ten eco-innovative consumer brands to be showcased at 7th edition of Ingeo Earth Month Innovation Gallery

For the seventh consecutive year, Ingeo Earth Month celebrates responsible product innovation and showcases the Ingeo Innovation Gallery around the world. The 10 brands in the exhibit are representative of the hundreds of companies that have created smarter consumer products with Ingeo plastics and ...
Apr 12, 2011

Latest Ingeo Developments for Nonwoven Applications Showcased at INDEX 11

NatureWorks and its supply chain partners —fibers, spunbond, and meltblown producers — will showcase today at INDEX 11 the latest developments in nonwoven applications for Ingeo™ biopolymer, a low-carbon-footprint polymer made from renewable plant material, not oil.
Apr 12, 2011

Ingeo最新开发的无纺布产品亮相INDEX 11展览会

NatureWorks携手下游纤维,防粘型及熔喷型无纺布合作伙伴参展国际无纺布展览会INDEX 11,展示用来自植物而非石油的Ingeo™低碳生物聚合物制造的最新无纺布产品。
Apr 01, 2011

USDA Awards NatureWorks First Certified Biobased Product Label for Plastics

Ingeo™ resins USDA certified 100 percent biobased carbon content
Apr 01, 2011


Mar 22, 2011

NatureWorks Augments its Ingeo Sales Strategy in Taiwan

NatureWorks LLC announced today that, effective immediately, it will sell Ingeo™ packaging resin grades directly to Taiwanese customers.
Mar 21, 2011


NatureWorks公司公佈從今天起即時生效,該公司將會開始直接銷售Ingeo™ 包裝型號的粒料給臺灣客戶。